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Animal Action Rescue saw the public struggling to interact with them in positive ways. Marketing was hard, and their brand wasn’t helping. As a non-profit who relies on engagement, it was time to craft a better brand system.

How do you get the public involved and excited about strays?

PROBLEM: Animal Action Rescue was seeing a major dip in engagement with the public. It was getting harder to find volunteers, their booth set up was looking shabby, and they felt more pitied than celebrated.

SOLUTION: By injecting both companionship and gamification into their new brand, we helped boost their overall look and feel. We built the brand to tap into the correct emotion- celebration, not pity. We gamify-ed the brand system to encourage engagement between fosters, volunteers, and the public.

By crafting a “Good Boy / Good Girl” badge system homeless fosters were instantly champions, heroes, and buddies.

Instead of feeling sorry for the homeless fosters, they’re now celebrated personalities focusing on the positive, not the negative. We leveraged emotion, color, design, a printed take-away system and language to change how people view Animal Action Rescue.

Services Provided


  • System of Visual + Emotional communication
  • Promises, values, and focus change
  • Engagement program / gamification

Visual Design

  • Logo + secondary logo
  • Pins, patches, and stamps
  • Custom badge designs
  • Color treatment
  • Pattern development
  • Typography
  • Full brand environment designs

Messaging / Voice

  • Voice and Tone change
  • Biz personality facelift
  • Direction for future development
  • Emotional marketing development


  • Booth re-design
  • Table + outdoor signage
  • T-shirt re-design
  • Pins + tote bag design
  • Fliers
  • Cage Pennants

We created a feel of adventure and companionship via emotion + design.

We celebrate each foster’s special personality through badges. Showing off their skills helps new owners find their perfect pal.


Creating a ready-to-market brand system helped encourage creativity, emotion, and connection.