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A growing event company came to us with a unique problem: how do you educate a fast moving audience about a semi-complicated service without their eyes glazing over?

Ashton Events has a rich history of thorough, detailed service.

We were tasked with emoting their importance and process without making the website feel weighty.

We focused on developing a website that flowed seamlessly through strategically placed blocks of information that better communicated their value.

We crafted an experience focused on retaining customer attention by

– Designing important information in large, consistent callouts

– Placing custom callouts in typography design to denote steps

– Waterfalling information to keep the eye moving

As a digital experience, the website feels warm and inviting- thoughtfully organized down to the very last paragraph.

Services Provided


  • Message guidance
  • Value proposition development
  • Brand visual assessment


  • Website design
  • Website development
  • UI/UX development