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City of Atlanta’s WorkSource division was in the process of launching their new brand and focus. They needed a place to send a wide range of people for education and information.

We stepped in to create and launch a website from scratch.

PROBLEM: City of Atlanta WorkSource previously did not have a website. Instead, they relied on a confusing network of inner website links. Their past system wasn’t easy to navigate, and even tougher for job candidates and employers to find, (and use).

SOLUTION: They recognized they desperately needed a single, dedicated website that housed education and information programs for Atlanta job seekers and employers. We worked closely with their staff to execute a seamless, simple solution that would be easy to understand for their audience.

Services Provided


  • UX/UI
  • Seamless Tool Integration
  • Adaptable for Multiple Staff Use


  • Wireframes
  • Content and Copy Development
  • Existing Brand Incorporation


  • Ground Up Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Launch

By focusing the design toward the top 3 important topics, we were able to supply a solution that was both easy to use and robust.

Creating a quick loading, fast acting website has helped connect hundreds of worthy employees to great jobs in the Atlanta area.