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The Dark Illuminations Box is an interactive and meditative fortune telling instrument that allows you to engage in a bite size, luxe-macabre experience.

The Dark Illuminations Box exists as a tongue-in-cheek examination of “bite size luxury” experiences.

We injected a macabre tone throughout the design to spark conversation and examine the emotions surrounding the product purchases we make.

We crafted the box as a marketing piece to examine four core concepts:

– Calling attention to the nature of fleeting luxury experiences

– Evoking emotions, both positive and negative

– Using an underserved voice and tone in a funny light

– Pushing the boundaries of how design influences emotional responses

We end the experience by irrevocably destroying a card in order to spark a deeper conversation around the natural emotional attachments we make to products we purchase.

Services Provided


  • Full concept development
  • Quote selection
  • Naming

Visual Design

  • Character Illustration
  • Color treatment
  • Pattern development
  • Typography


  • Spot UV box design
  • Spot UV card design