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There are limited intimate garment options for women who have undergone mastectomy surgery. And, worse, the shopping experience for these incredible women is medical and uninspired. Enter Sophia Rose.

Sophia Rose came to us to create a brand for their new intimate apparel line.

Sophia Rose came to us to create a brand for their new intimate apparel line. They needed to battle against preconceived notions surrounding mastectomy apparel and promote positivity. Additionally, they needed to strike a balance between being both fashionable and age appropriate for their customers.

We tackled creating their brand in 3 stages : – We focused the brand messaging towards luxurious self care – We developed a feminine, yet classic, design – We streamlined their e-commerce experience to be as easy as possible.

It was our job to design a brand that felt comfortable and familiar to customers while simultaneously feeling new and exciting. We brought traditional colors and typography to the core brand visuals, but pieced in exotic textures and treatments to set Sophia Rose apart.

For their online store, our goal was to make browsing and purchasing easy. We focused on bold typography, large print, and easy website navigation. It was important not to constantly remind customers of their medical conditions and to shift their focus to enjoying shopping again.

Services Provided


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tagline development

Visual Design

  • Logo development
  • Monogram development
  • Color treatment
  • Pattern treatment
  • Typography


  • E-commerce solution
  • Website development