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Where do you start to build your brand the right way? You’ve heard a million times that your brand is not your logo. You want to dazzle your customers and crush your marketing. We know exactly how.


Tell stories, build connections, and start marketing to the right customers from the very beginning.
(Get it right from the get-go).


Virtual Brand & Marketing Class

A self-guided video class that walks you through building your brand into a marketing success!

Build your brand into a marketing hit. A 2-week guided experience that tackles your brand both visually and emotionally.

You walk away with a PDF covering your purpose, your mission, your personality, and the direction you need to truly make an impactful brand.

We provide a PDF guide and one-on-one mentoring while we walk you through examining the most important aspects of your brand. We’ll tackle topics such as visual design, consistency, target markets, compelling communication, voice and tone, and what makes you competitive on the market.

Meanwhile, you’ll also be building your own marketing tools to really nail it. We’ll be there with feedback so you get it right. You’ll walk away with a strategy, a plan, and key communication pieces to use in marketing and brand growth. We want you to stand out in the market and put your best face forward.

What’s included in the class? :

(2) 30 min. one-on-one phone brainstorming sessions with us

10 Engaging videos taught by branding expert, Elizabeth Hague

A step-by-step PDF guide through the class

Access to the videos after our 2-week experience is finished

What will you accomplish? 

Create your mission statement, ad-libs style!

Full checklist of everything you’ll need for both your brand AND future marketing design

Checklist to help you stay consistent and build trust in marketing

Super thorough fill-in-the-blank section to create ideal customer profiles

Guidance and worksheet on building how your company talks to customers in marketing

End result: A cohesive brand and a personalized marketing guideline to keep you on track now and in the future!



This experience is for you if:

– You only have a logo, and really nothing else.

– You’ve never done this before and want to start off on the right foot in marketing.

– You’re driven, and want to build a brand worthy of adoration.

– You know you need help, but not sure on exactly what you need.

– You’re worried what you have right now isn’t going to cut it when it’s time to market.

– One or all of the above sounds like you.

We get it, and you. Let’s talk about it.




Grab our Branded Bio Recipe

Stay consistent across social media bios, website messages, networking, and elevator pitches. PLUS! Finally answer "Tell me about your business." in five seconds or less.