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Branding vs. Marketing: What’s the Difference?

What is branding, and how does it intersect, influence, and determine marketing? And, why do entrepreneurs often focus on marketing when they really need stronger branding?

Your brand voice and visuals drive your marketing campaigns.


  • A brand is your business persona.
  • A brand is a system of communication.
  • A brand is larger than graphic design.

A brand is your vehicle for influencing and exciting customers. Your brand is a guide, compass, or map for marketing. Great brands address the look, feel, and emotion of your business. Just like a person, your brand isn’t just about appearances- it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

So while a logo is part of a brand, it’s one supporting factor of a larger system that’s reaching out to your customers. Your brand will work hard to entice, excite, and engage audiences, even when you’re not in the room. Successful brands have both great philosophies and attractive looks. A strong brand drives your communication with the outside world.

Your brand is your guide for what graphics you choose and how you talk to other people. Marketing is influenced by what matters to your brand.

  • Marketing is an active conversation with customers.
  • Marketing is an everyday activity that showcases your brand values.
  • The voice, tone, and visuals of your brand show up in your marketing.
  • How you market depends completely on who you are as a brand.

Marketing is the activity you engage in every day to tell people about how amazing your business is. It shows off your core philosophy, and is an active conversation with customers. A great brand lives close to the heart of marketing, driving your campaign choices and guiding your overall design.

You reach people with a specific message, driven by the core of your brand. The graphics you choose reflect your brand environment, and your marketing lives in harmony with the promises your business makes through its brand system.

Strong, consistent branding makes great marketing easy and exciting to create.