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The Future of Marketing Is Empathy

How many articles have you read about Millennials killing Applebee’s, or driving up the sale of avocados? Probably enough to make you chuckle just reading that sentence.

The unspoken sentiment floating around those articles centers on a company’s ability to empathize with the marketplace. The next 5 years we’ll continue to see a rise in people rejecting companies that don’t empathise or attempt to understand them.

I’ve always felt businesses can and should do a better job about emoting in their branding and marketing. So much so, that it prompted me to start a branding agency of my own (and thus, Wildcat Echo was born). There are better ways to brand more effectively, to show connectivity and authenticity to customers without losing sight of sales and quarterly reports.

But how? Simply put: Through empathetic branding and marketing.

The amount of articles about millennials “killing stuff” is only going to increase the longer companies consistently miss the mark on making an effort to truly communicate with their customers. The answer to that rise in rejection is pretty clear. Businesses need to do a better job of making real relationships with consumers, and to really, truly mean it. It’s no longer enough to appear helpful, or to appear to be listening. We truly need to listen and participate on the market now, more than ever.

The future of marketing is EMPATHY. Without a clear path to understanding your customers, all brands will continue to suffer dropping sales, rising competition, and a lackluster marketing ROI. Competitors that are making the effort to connect authentically to their audience now will reap the future benefits of wildly loyal customers.

The next wave of consumers is coming, and it’s our responsibility as business owners to begin to develop custom, interactive, niche brand communication and experiences that cater to their desires.