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Top 5 Qualities of a Great Brand


Incredible brands recognize that it’s vital to building long term, loyal customers through repeatable and measurable efforts. They seamlessly show value on every platform, and expertly create cohesive stories full of emotion by focusing on being consistent in everything they do. Not to be confused with repetition, consistency is a strategic way to deliver the same feeling everywhere a brand is, while delighting customers with custom messages on each platform. Wherever their brand shows up, they treat it as a constant touchpoint that highlights their unique value.


Value Articulation

More than just a logo, the best brands have both verbal and visual communication at their disposal. Having a strong handle on core values helps them wield emotions expertly in any medium. Everything from a social media campaign to a large billboard feels articulate and reflects their greatest assets. A great brand knows what they do best, and can explain it to you in 5 seconds or less.



Great brands stay top of mind by showing up with strong solutions that are meaningful to their customers. They’re in touch with the wants, needs, and pain points of their target market. Incredible brands have a keen eye for their customer’s feelings and thoughts, and effortlessly appear relevant to their customer’s desires. Relevance props up loyalty, turning customers into fanatics that choose a relevant brand over a competitor’s every time.


Compelling Idea

Great brands understand that offering a new insight to a service, product, or business model will compel customers to take notice of them and their efforts. Effective brands pay attention to their rivals and understand the overall competitive landscape. By knowing what’s out there, they formulate exactly how they’ll motivate, delight, and engage customers in a way that’s different from everyone else.



From radical market disruption to simply providing the very best customer service, having a unique offering helps solidify great brands as the “go-to” in the minds of their customers. Uniqueness is a quality that can’t be replicated on the market, and brands that nail  this vital asset turn passing customers into loyal brand enthusiasts. Having a unique twist to your business is all about making promises to your customers, then keeping those promises time and time again.